International Lipstick Day – Part Two

My first time wearing ColourPop Salt…

I bought the shade Salt from ColourPop during the Final Call sale awhile back. This is the first time I’m wearing it, so it’s not the most ideal look. I could use more eyeliner, and maybe add Salt to my eyelids (it’s a trend  – just be careful of reds and don’t use the same applicator for your lips and eyes; it’s just asking for a red eye) to bring a more cohesive whole.

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Gearing up for International Lipstick Day

Officially, International Lipstick Day starts on 29th July, and until then I will be putting my best shade on. Please put on that lipstick that you bought but never wore because let’s face it; it’s just makeup. It will get smeared, eaten or wiped off at the end of the day. Why not try something that could make you feel even more beautiful and confident that the smashingly awesome person that you are?

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MOTD + ColourPop Cornelious

To talk about this makeup look, I have to go back to yesterday.

I was wearing Colourpop Peachy Keen foursome set. It’s not like their single pressed shadows – this set is made up of their cream to powder Super Shock Shadow. The set consists of Crimper (soft gold with multi-dimensional gold glitter), Kennedy (matte true mid-time peach), Cornelious (matte warm caramel) and Bandit (matte warm rusty brown). Continue reading “MOTD + ColourPop Cornelious”

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Challenge

I had planned to put this up first, but have accidentally uploaded the day 2 tutorial first. Please like and follow my Youtube and WordPress account if you like this!

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I apologise for the grainy texture to the film. For some reason, my phone camera decided to fail on me.

Hi guys, so it has been awhile:) Hope the time spent until now has been fruitful.

Here’s some background to the video;

I own 2 Urban Decay palettes – Naked 1 and 2. I didn’t buy no. 3 coz I was not interested in rose-toned palettes, and now I’m on the fence about it. I really love the palettes I own from Urban Decay. They are opaque, creamy and blend like a dream. The satin shimmer and metallic shimmers are the bomb…well, until this video and tutorial I did.


My Issue with Liquid Eyeliner

Hi everyone! Have you had a great Christmas? It was raining over in SG during Christmas, which isn’t so bad because we got to stay at home and watch TV:D I guess it shows how sedentary the modern homo sapien are. My mom made this joke; weekends, watch tv. Public holiday, watch TV. Christmas, watch TV. But that’s because we so rarely get to watch TV together. The most we do is evenings at my grandmother’s, watching Chinese dramas. My brother doesn’t like those, so he’ll be in another room, watching cartoons.


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